Privacy Statement

Privacy statement of The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited, its subsidiaries and associate companies

Standard Bank (Mauritius) Limited, and its associate companies (we, us, our) treat personal data we collect through this website, associated websites, mobile sites, mobile applications and other channels as private and confidential and we abide by all data protection laws as may be applicable.



We collect personal data directly from you, and where lawful and reasonable, we may collect personal information about you from third parties and publicly available sources, such as credit reporting and government agencies for the purposes set out below.


We use your personal data to:
  • meet our responsibilities to you;
  • follow your instructions;
  • process your personal data for ordinary business purposes (this includes to open and maintain your account, give effect to transactions, administer claims where applicable, manage our risks and maintain our overall relationship with you);
  • carry out statistical and other analyses to identify potential markets and trends, evaluate and improve our business (this includes improving existing and developing new products and services);
  • tell you about services and products available within the Group;
  • make sure our business suits your needs; and
  • comply with applicable regulations


Without your personal data, we may not be able to provide or continue to provide you with the products or services that you need.


Your consent


We will process your personal data if you give us your express consent willingly or in accordance with the law. You give your consent to us through our account opening mandate and/or products and services agreements.


We will only disclose your personal data if:  


  • the law requires it or such personal data is exempted from data protection laws;
  • such disclosure is for the administration of justice or in the public interest or relates to the use of a unique identification number to facilitate sharing information and avoid multiple registrations among public sector agencies;
  • such disclosure is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party or to enable you to enter into a contract ; or
  • such disclosure is required to protect your vital interests;
  • you agreed that we may disclose your data for the purposes for which such data has been collected and of which you have been informed.


Third parties


We ask third-party service providers to agree to our privacy policies if they need access to any personal data to carry out their services.

We will not disclose your personal data to external organisations that are not our service providers, unless you gave us your consent, or unless we may do so by law, or if it is necessary for the conclusion or performance of our agreement with you.


Transfer across borders


Sometimes we will process your personal data in other countries, either to carry out your instructions or for ordinary business purposes.

These countries may not have the same level of protection. If necessary, we will ask the party to whom we transfer your personal data to agree to our privacy principles, associated policies and practices.


Storing personal data


We store personal data as required by law.


Our security practices


Our security systems and technical and organisational measures are designed to prevent loss (including accidental loss), alteration of, unauthorised destruction, damage and/or unlawful access, disclosure of your personal data or the processing of personal data from unauthorised third parties.  


Marketing by electronic means


If you give us permission, we may use your personal data to tell you about products, services and special offers from us or other companies that may interest you. We will do this through email, text message (SMS), social media platforms or notify you on your mobile applications. If you later decide that you do not want us to do this, please contact us through our customer service channels and we shall advise you of the required steps to stop this service.


Access to your personal data


As our customer, you may:

  • ask us to give you a description of your personal information that we hold; and
  • ask us to correct or update your personal information through our customer service channels. 


We may, if allowed by law, charge a fee for this.


Our use of technology to follow your use of our websites


While you are using our websites or mobile applications, we automatically process certain personal data, such as visits to our websites. We use this information to find out which areas of our websites people visit most and to monitor the use of our websites. This helps us to add more value to our services. This information is gathered in such a way that we do not get personal data about any individual or their online behaviour on other websites.




We use cookie technology on some of our websites. A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your Internet browser when you use our website. The cookie is sent to our computer each time you visit our websites. Cookies make it easier for us to give you a better experience online.

Types of cookies used on our website:

Session cookies


These cookies are temporary and only exist while you browse our website. As soon as you close your browser or move to a different website, they are removed. They allow our website to link your actions during a browser session.

Persistent cookies


These are permanent cookies that are stored on your device until they reach a set expiry date or until you delete them. They remember your preferences or actions across our site (or in some cases across different websites). We may use them for various reasons, such as remembering your preferences and choices when using our site, or to display only relevant advertising messages to you.

First-party cookies:


These cookies are owned and created by us.

Third-party cookies:


These cookies are owned and created by another company that provides a service to us, such as social media sharing, website analytics or content remarketing.


How to disable cookies


You can stop your browser from accepting cookies by changing the settings on your web browser. Be aware that restricting cookies may impact the functionality of our websites. We recommend that you allow cookies. On most browsers cookies are enabled by default. Explore the settings and options on your browser to disable or enable them, or visit for detailed information about managing cookies on various browsers.


Links to other websites


Our website, related websites and mobile applications may have links to or from other websites. Although we try to link only to websites that also have high privacy standards, we are not responsible for their security, privacy practices or content. We recommend that you always read the privacy and security statements on these websites.


Monitoring of electronic communications


We communicate with you through different methods and channels. If allowed by law, we may record and monitor electronic communications to make sure that they comply with our legal and regulatory responsibilities and internal policies.


Monitoring and analysis


We will monitor and analyse your account for credit, fraud, compliance and other risk-related purposes as required by law.


Social media


We operate and communicate through our designated channels, pages and accounts on some social media sites to inform, help and engage with our customers. We monitor and record comments and posts made about us on these channels so that we can improve our services.


The general public can access and read any information posted on these sites. We are not responsible for any information posted on those sites other than the information posted by our designated officials. We do not endorse the social media sites themselves, or any information posted on them by third parties or other users.


We do not give investment, tax or other professional advice on social media sites. You should always get independent advice before making any decisions.


When you engage with us through social media your personal data may be processed by the site owner; this process is outside our control and may be in a country outside South Africa that may have different privacy principles.


Social media sites are not appropriate forums to discuss our customers' products or financial arrangements. We will not ask you to share personal, account or security information on social media sites.


We regularly update and monitor our social media accounts and welcome feedback and ideas sent to us through these channels. We try to join conversations whenever possible, but may not reply to all messages sent to official Standard Bank social media accounts.


Emerging themes and helpful suggestions will be given to the relevant staff for consideration, but we cannot guarantee that any themes or suggestions will be acted on.


Your rights


We will take note of your rights under applicable privacy and data protection laws, especially your right to object, on reasonable grounds, to certain types of processing.

You have the right to query a decision that we make about a product or service that you have applied for and that was made solely by automated means.


Right to change this privacy statement


We may change this privacy statement. We will publish all changes on our websites. The latest version of our privacy statement will replace all earlier versions, unless it says differently.


Queries and complaints


If you have any queries or complaints about privacy, please contact the Privacy Officer:


Smita Hurry

Privacy Officer

Level 9, Tower A, 1 Cybercity, Ebene,

Republic of Mauritius


Physical address:

Standard Bank (Mauritius) Limited  

Level 9, Tower A, 1 Cybercity, Ebene,

Republic of Mauritius


Telephone: +230 402 5000

Fax: +230 402 5050